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 Post subject: Clarence's way too long Thor Ragnorak review
PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:10 pm 
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Welp, I seen this movie twice, may want to see it a third time

OMG it was SOOOO good

smurf Thor pulled this off! It's funny how each trilogy worked different

Iron Man got it right in Iron Man 1
Cap's 2nd movie was best
And Thor's 3rd movie was best. A rare third is best scenario.

Right off the bat the comedy is there and it's GOOD comedy. It's not GOTG2 comedy where EVERYTHING has to be a joke and jokes at inappropriate times. "Peter I'm your Dad" *heavy feelings* "I gotta piss"


Comedy was better used and better over-all. That snake joke OMG it slayed me

Thor dangling off a chain and spinning around "Wait wait ... gotta turn around"

Good times

Ghostbusters sucks my balls but Chris Helmsworth got to experiment with being funny, I think Marvel noticed this and doubled down on the comedy. Funny Thor smurf works damn it - Chris Helmsworth is AWESOME - want to see more comedy from him.

The opening is great too, and ties into the overall story unlike Thor 2 where he fought a rock monster for no reason? The Immigrant song was used great here and really powered the scene. smurf that song is awesome and worked with the trailer too getting me AMPED! Those smurf even got away with using the same song twice in the same movie and it worked even BETTER at the end of the movie!

Loved Thor's hammer pinning the big dragon thing and the dragon thing's head getting cut off by the Bifrost. Skurge was awesome, playin with that shake weight. The way they recapped the movie was golden too, with that play, reminded me of Game of Thrones where they did a silly re-telling of a story. Dr. Strange killed it in this movie, I think he's more like the Hulk, works better in a bigger movie than by himself, found Dr. Strange boring

Clumbsy Thor was good for a laugh, playing pick up sticks with that artifact and spilling beer all over while teleporting, lol.

He Dr. Strange showed up super fast when Liki and thor showed up but was nowhere to be seen when Hella arrived???

Also they smurf me with the trailer, Hella was support to break the hammer in some alleyway in NY not some field ahhhhhh many other things about the trailer screwed me too. Where is Loki flipping butter knives for no reason?

So then what happened? Oh yeah Hella kicked Thor and Loki out of the rainbow portal and that was cool. Then She shows up and kills Thors group of lame friends. LOL. Literally LOL'd. smurf Thor's pointless friends, they deserved a pointless death. Except the chinese guy with the spiked ball in chain? China sell tickets got it

Heller looked cool but it was kind of silly how she kept turning her spikey hairdo on and off? And kind of a blah villain. Overly cartoony villian really, very cliche villian lines. Why is she searching for a dumb sword when she has the tesseract !?!?! Loved her walking through Odin's room of treasures and calling out the fake infinity gauntlet, as if to say "smurf off nerds, see we fixed the mistake from Thor 1 when we showed the gauntlet ok? smurf OFF NERDS"

Where is the soul stone??!?!? Heimdel was doing soul things like seeing Thor from far away but I want them to just come out with it. are Heimdel's eyes the soul stone or not? Or is the mystic fire that brings people back to life the soul stone!!?

I liked the alcoholic female valkery character and her spaceship with the arms that shoot at people!! When thor was being brought before the grand master with the countdown and it kept zooming in and Thor screamed to pan out to him just being in a room was fun. Where were the dancing giant white costumed thingys from the trailer??!?

Jeff Goldbloom playing wacky space Jeff Goldbloom was THE BEST> I got the most laughs out of the grand Master, omg every scene was insane and hilarious. Great character! Good fun!

Thor won that fight too that was febreeze that Grandmaster pressed the button! How does a shock stop the GOD OF THUNDER!??!?! Loved the fight, loved Loki's reactions, loved Hulk doing to Thor what he did to Loki - all great stuff here

Korg is AWESOME TOO!! Piss off ghost!!! Hell yeah!! So good

Thor destroying the avengers spaceship was fantastic. Password ''' "strongest avenger"? I don't remember what the actual password was but someone should tell me, I'm not that hardcore I guess - what did it mean? Black Widow scene was touching

Why did Loki have mind flashback powers? He touched drunk girls heads and brought on the flashback? The flackback wasn't as good as I thought it would be based on the trailer, was hoping for more. But really, did they make that scene and not know how to add it to the movie ... so they gave Loki mind read powers for that one moment even though he could never do anything like that before ???????

what else happened

The escape scene was sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good especially in an enhanced theater - the lasers, the space ships. The synth music 80s stuff! I've never seen characters do what thor and Drunk lady did. Jumping from space ship to space ship smashing them up - it was soo cool! And that charged moment when they jumped back in the ship at the same time and drunk lady's boobs almost touched Thors. It's my birthday! fireworks distraction to crash attack was great.

That sleek slender ship made it through the anus with some grief, and some dodging of space trash but did it! How the smurf did that big rickety clunky looking city ship make it through later?!?!

Back to Loki and thor's escape: Them shooting random aliens while talking was fun. When thor smashed down that one alien's gun and sent him flying to the ceiling!!! :O Them in the elevator "Let's do get help" and their version of that LMFAO. Then Loki backstabs Thor .. again. This was a great call back to the avengers film when Loik tricked Thor into going to jail without passing go "Are you ever NOT going to fall for that???" this time it was thor who got to say "Oh brother, will you ever stop being so repetitive and obvious and stay the same"

Honestly that was kind of a surprisingly cruel predicament Thor left Loki in

I really didn't like that giant wolf ... but it gave Hulk something to do. I thought he was going to fall off the universe when he was hanging off the waterfall cliff thing to space and repeat Ultron's movie where he goes missing again

Hellla walked to Heimdeil's secret cave thing instead of using the cosmic cube to get there and then fights Thor. She took his smurf eye!! That was very surprising to me! During the fight scene with the Immigrant song it has drunk lady walking from Grandmaster's fireworks ship like she was in a Reitman's commercial or something ???

Good for Skurge for switching sides

Oh Loki

BOOOOOOOOOOM Ragnorocks happens

Thor: "If you were here I would hug you" Loki "I am here" -- next scene. My wife was pissed that the hug didn't happen on screen

Oh shazam! it's THANOS!!!!!!

Loved the overbearing ship and darkness forming around Thor and Loki stuff

Guys it's a tie

smurf great movie

Thor had the most character change of all the MCU characters so far, it was surprising. Also how they beat the badguy, with another badguy - an interesting unique way to win after so many other movies

I feel like I have a lot more thoughts but don't remember them all

I'm not proof reading any of this


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 Post subject: Re: Clarence's way too long Thor Ragnorak review
PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:50 pm 
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Great review! You sound like my friend in the bar who has already had two beers and just saw the movie, so he is telling me about it while drinking his third beer! :D

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