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 Post subject: Level 160 winners
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:17 am 
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Boris aka Schuine Versie?! - April 25th 2008 - I beat all 160 levels of the never ending level game... It was really hard and took me a lot of time, but it's a great game, and I don't mind all the hours I put in it, to beat it. Waiting for more levels ;)

Dustin Corder - April 24th 2008 - What a wonderful game. I wasted many hours of my life and I am looking forward to many more! Thanks Clarence.

Edwin Döderlein - April 24th 2008


Jon Ryan - April 23rd 2008 - See you in hell

Ktk - April 23rd 2008 - [STUPID Lv160 BOMB]

Berny N. - April 23rd 2008: gg...well done clarence. this game is .... insane .... but good

Nick LaBrash - April 13th 2008 - THis game took away so many hours of my life. Now my friends won't think I'm wierd anymore.

Zune - April 23rd 2008 - Dear Clarence, Thank you about this game, you're a genius with a good sense of humor! I did not waste my time, I just had fun! Regards, A fan from France.

Giovan - April 22nd 2008 - Do not make more levels.

Sandy & Vicky - April 23rd 2008 - Juhuu we did it!

Marius Langer, Stephan Benecke, Marco Jähne (he pressed the "a" 1000 times), Essmeralda - April 22nd 2008 - We thanks that you stole many hours of our life. but we need more. when will you have created "never ending level game part 2"? we need it now!!!!!

Carson - April 21st 2008 - A great game. Looking forward to more levels!

Melinda Bradley - April 21st 2008 - I could never have finished without the help forum! Thanks!

Z-Dog - April 20th 2008 - Finally beat your game........balloon knot -.-

TimTolle - April 20th 2008 - After 3 weeks I finally got it. Ty Clarence.

Miruna V. (Romania) - April 18th 2008 - Great game!!

bella - April 19th 2008 - That was my most favourite waste of time... Clarence, I truly....thank you! And all the

other guys who helped me out there!

Jessellie - April 19th 2008 - Yes i made it at last, Clarence I hate you and love you at the same time, thanks for

all your hard work and look forward to seeing more levels in the future. ps thanks mod for your help along the


Wes R - April 18th 2008 - Thanks Clarence! That was hard, but fun.

Schonke - April 18th 2008 - My eyes...

Sara (thebassplayer) - April 17th 2008 - I friggin hate this game.

aVaL - April 16th 2008 - How many sleepless nights for this crazy game!1 But it's worth it!

Somber_Azure - April 16th 2008 - 4 days 6 hours to completion... and we still dont know what the last password is... we just started typing crap.

Christopher downes - April 16th 2008 - i have completed all 160 lvls and it took me 5 hours, it was a pain..

Stancel Constantin - April 16th 2008

ub4me - April 16th 2008 - Great game, surprised i've still got hair left on my head. When are you going to add more levels?

Pity - April 16th 2008 - Thanks for stealing hours of my life, but also entertaining me for days!

JackHerer27 - April 15th 2008

Gilbert Vyslozil - April 15th 2008

goincrazi - April 12th 2008 - Thanks Clarence!!!

Randomhero1 - April 11th 2008 - MY brain hurts... I NEED MORE LEVEL GAME!!!

Michael (bp22mk) - April 11th 2008 - Thanks for the game, glad I got this far.

Dowster - April 11th 2008 - My brain hurts

Sylkphoneus - April 11th 2008 - You made an amazing game! Thanks

Démian (forumname Demian) - April 9th 2008

GreatZot - April 9th 2008 - Wow! Wowee wow!

Hanna Warlick - April 8th 2008 - It was hard but Fun!!

JsX` - April 8th 2008 - Give me my hours back!!!

Hanseh - April 8th 2008 - You wasted many precious hours of my life, but thanks for this great game! this was for my wierd ex :>

Mouse - April 7th 2008 - You're a sick bastard Clarence, I can't wait for more!

,.-=(°H@zAdOu$°)=-., - April 7th 2008 - 160 funny levels for wasting time ^^

Eoin Sheehan, David Baker and Mark Kilgallon. (we're a team!) - April 7th 2008

Mike van Dooren - April 6th 2008 - "Yippie, I beat the ultimate thinking game :)"

staber_dg - April 6th 2008 - Smart buddy from DG, Poland (;

Anneroos - April 6th 2008 - I did it!! But now I've got time left, I wish i didn't ...

Sedna - April 6th 2008 - So crazy !

RSPP - April 5th 2008 - I smurf rock ... Thanks for the great game Clarence.

Rachel - April 5th 2008

Kristian (mE) Maki - april 5th 2008 - I finally did it! Many days of hard work is finally over. Thanks Clarence for a addicting and wonderful game.I would also like to thank the people that helped me out when i was really stuck sometimes. //mE

Jim Waltz -April 4th 2008 - Yay for me winning. This took too much time but it is worth it in the end. Yay for the creator and yay for all who complete this! Yay!

Anna Bredow - April 4th 2008

Sven Ahlström - April 4th 2008 - Viasat Rules!

Jomille Mendador - April 4th 2008 - omg..nice game!

Rick (ricky) Rottet April 3rd 2008 - I have been working (and I mean WORKING) on this gamr daily since March 10, 2008. I would still be hard-pressed to say I "beat" the game, but rather to say I made it all the way through 160 levels without being given any passwords. i used the help forum A LOT and never could have gotten through in this amount of time without the hints offered there. Clarence, you are one SICK MO FO. MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU!!! you poor tortured soul LOLOLOLOL

Parel - April 3rd 2008 - Awesome Game!

Andris Elksns - April 3rd 2008

Violent-Ranger - G Hawkins - April 2nd 2008 - Yes you stole many hours of my life, but I respect the fact that you put just as many hours into the creation of the game. Great job Clarence.

Nilex - April 1st 2008 - Good game, thanks! Respect to all winners ;)

Utku Kucukosmanoglu - April 1st 2008 - Ik ben eerder dan Lut

bdonghwa - April 2nd 2008 - I LOVE THIS GAME!!!

Kyle and Malte - April 1st 2008 - we done it in 3 days at work!! :D

Norei - April 1st 2008 - Clarence, I hate you. T.T

Flamez - April 1st 2008 - I don't believe it's over. Will stay tuned for new levels of doom =) Victory lays ahead!

CARL BRADY - March 31st 2008

Fieste - March 31st 2008 - Bs.As. - Argentina

impact2K - March 31st 2008 - FLEISH!

Jeremy Mongiovi - March 30th 2008 - Keep it up man I want those next ten!

Femke Versele - March 29th 2008

Co - March 28th 2008 - hoHOho, i won, now i'll do my homework.

The Geek - March 28th 2008 - Vous voyez ? C'est possible XD

Hotche94 - March 28th 2008

Lyn Johnson - March 28th 2008

Limp - March 28th 2008 - Das ist blaues Licht! - Was macht es? - Es leuchtet blau!

ScripTrix - March 22nd 2008 - throw UserNotQualifiedException

MizzouStud - March 27th 2008

Alexander Berkle - March 27th 2008 - Für's Kleeblatt.

Henry Jackson Shirley IV - March 26th 2008 - My girlfriend hates me for beating this damed game.

Dany Heusbourg - March 26th 2008 - Great Game!

Veritas - March 26th 2008 - THX 4 THAT GAME it banish my Boredom!!! Greetz to the GRDO-Team

dingenz - March 26th 2008

Tscgong - March 26th 2008 - Bananarama!

DoudouLoverx0 - March 26th 2008 - Proud to win the game fairly ! Good job Clarence.

Mike van den Berk - March 25 2008 - This was hard :O but a day well spent :)

F. Budak - March 25 2008 - easyyyyyyyyyy going

Rob van dijk - March 25th 2008 - Robje flikt het weer! enne, rian, succes d'r nog mee hè!

Seth Bodine - March 24th 2008 - Daddy drinks because you cry.

Stella Folsom, aka Starsha - March 23rd - Well I finally did it. I hope you add another group to these. We just discovered this site a month ago. Thanks for keeping us entertained (and frustrated.)

jerry winkel - March 24th 2008 - woot lovely game and lovely end pw

Little Baby Jesus - March 24th 2008 - my brain hurts

Edmond Lam - March 25th 2008 - Great game!

Emiley M - March 24th 2008 - WOOOHOOOOOO Three days and many hours but I finally made it to the end. I can now go back to my normal life. Erhh what was that again? I forget .... Brain been washed away by the NEVER ENDING LEVEL GAME :D

Cosmic From Rhode Island - March 23rd 2008 - I spent many hours on this game. I am totally disabled and on oxygen 24/7 so my husband, grandkids and computer are my entertainment. I won't say I didn't use any hints, but not before I was at the end of my wits. Thanks for a great game!

Lorenzo/Mc Stix - March 23rd 2008 - Yo, yo - Keep it real bro

Bigrichard - March 23rd 2008 - Far out. Great game. GIVE ME MY LIFE BACK! ps. make more levels plx.

Grimm92 - March 22nd 2008 - Yay i beat it and i congratulate others who beat it too

Chase Redden - March 20th 2008 - Thanks for a sweet game!

peter_d - March 22nd 2008 - cool game!

SIFT, FeindishDemon, and Vector - March 21st 2008

LisaMarie - March 21st 2008 - OMG! I beat it! I can't believe it! Clarence... you are amazing... evl.. but amazing!! :)

Ryan Krenz - March 21st 2008 - Thanks again for giving me something to do while I sit at home with a torn ACL! Genius game!

-fabienne - March 21st 2008 - I WANT MY LIFE BACK!

Jerry Kim - March 22nd 2008 - WHOOOOOA!!! I'll hate u, Clarence... ;-)

MESO - March 22nd 2008 - Then, do homework, homework, homework...

EFG - March 21st 2008 - Very nice game - I'll recomend it to my friends.

bigoli12 - March 20th 2008 - Merci pour ce splendide jeu !

Marcel-Olivier Tapp - March 30th 2008

Jorik Bosman - March 20th 2008

Hanni & Basti - March 19th 2008 - That's all?

Ruxi HAMANGIU (Romania) - FINALY! Hurraaaa!!! Thank you for this game! Waiting for the next levels :)))

love-vapor - March 19th 2008 - I only got help with 4 questions!!! Which wern't the final ones!

Jesse Kraemer - March 18th 2008 - Only took me 3 days :)

Drakzon / Sam - March 18th 2008 - ha, erster deutscher OTler! ;)

SarahSangFroid - March 18th 2008 - Wish I could waste my entire life playing!!!!

Oblivion - March 18th 2008 - this was a hard piece of work man:D the game is awesome make more lvls!!!

Andreas Stein - March 18th 2008 - wow - that was the hardest quest in my life :)

Cain - March 18th 2008

JasonVoorhees/Plisken/DonPasta - March 17th 2008 - I finally beat it! thx to the maker of the game and to bionxxx who posted it on Blood-is-red board.

wesman8095 - March 17th 2008 - I'm so addicted to this game. Please never stop making levels haha

Avfallskvarnen - March 17th 2008 - totto ager!

yace987 - March 16th 2008 - I hope you're proud of you now because I can't help painting all backgrounds i find on Internet Explorer now! Thanks for this great game.

Manad Nolanovic - Match 16th 2008 - im pissed off|!!

Brandon Farley - March 14th 2008 - I want 20 hours of my life back!

Elixer - Match 13th 2008 - Wow. That was Lengthy.

Andreas Skeildsvoll - March 14th 2008 - Yes! I beat the game!

ADAM W - March 13th 2008

Caitie :) - Match 12th 2008 - for you, zach<3

AJ Phillips - March 12th 2008 - I finally found something to do while on disability (I've been bored for months) and now it's over... Create another game. :)

Kenya - March 12th 2008

Lime (Japan) - March 10th 2008 - Dearest Clarence. I have been trained by you. I follow you through life. (^3 ^)-*Chu!!

The Gormanator - March 10th 2008 - Thanks to David Firm and Chip Stewart for moral support. And to my computer programming teacher who did not yell at me too much.

Sir Humperdink - March 10th 2008 - I applaud you

Stephanie D. - March 10th 2008

The awesome ninth graders - March 9th 2008 - Why do you always mess up our hall of fame entries? Btw, the music was much better this time.

Kevin Crimi - March 7th 2008 - Thank you for devouring my entire weekend, Clarence. But at least it wasn't multipe weeks like notpron. And at least I could finish this one.

Jongmin Ryan Kim - March 9th 2008 - Great game!! I enjoyed it.

Frodo(Japan) - March 10th 2008 - I love you,Clarence. You are the prince of mischief! HAHAHA

Robert aka Dr. KOOLAID MAN - March 9th 2008 - After going through eight smashed computers and 2 kegs of beer i finally did it!!!!

SingerGirl1369 - March 9th 2008 - I HATE THIS GAME! NEVER EVER WILL I PLAY THIS AGAIN! LOL! Makes me feel stupid.

Amanda (Amanda's Obsessed!) - March 8th 2008 - AHHHH I FINALLY DID IT. and the many many hours of my life that were lost playing this game were all worth it! Keep up the good work, can't wait for more levels!

Nina - March 7th 2008 - It took awhile, but I've gotten it beat... for now.

elifcan "a leaf" - March 8th 2008 - I can't wait for next levels I feel soooo empty now. what is life's meaning?

chex - March 8th 2008 - Thank you sir. May I have another?

Rupert Brauch - March 7th 2008

Fuzzyflash - March 7th 2008 - Yepp, I did it everybody it took forever ( 160 levels). But if you want to beat it just remember your common sense!!! And by the way todays date is March 7th 2008.

Daniel Weclewicz - Match 7th 2008 -

Fabian Böttcher - March 7th 2008 - For you Sekundärschlüssel <3

Ronald P. Humperdink - March 7th 2008 - I can sleep now, Clarence. Goodnight!

Roberta - March 6th 2008 - I really enjoyed this game. I learned a lot of new things about how to use my computer from this game. Thank you! I look (almost!) forward to new levels. Thanks again.

Delmonico - March 6th 2008

MasterOgPie - March 6th 2008 - "What was I thinking?"

Rebecca Smith - March 6th 2008 - Thanks for the great game. Myself and coworkers have really enjoyed passing the time with this at work. Shhh. Don't tell anyone what we really have been doing at work all day.

Oscar Lafarga and Kevin Portuondo - March 6th 2008 - WOW! smurf you. Why did you make this game! I never wanted to play this. but I COULDN'T STOP!!! =,( Why must you torture people like this you monster. Thanks for putting me in the Hall of Fame, though!

Bonny Ploeg - March 6th 2008 - Enjoyed your game very much again! Keep up the good work! (but you got my arm sore at 160! :)

Victor "haegge" Hellgren - March 6th 2008 - piece of cake

Andrew Fayash III - March 5th 2008 - All I have to say is BLARGH!

Simon Kraft (Spookie) - March 6th 2008 - I told you Bcmanga, I told you...

Orimus - March 6th 2008 - Well done Clarence, well done

Melanie Montgomery - March 6th 2008 - Clarence, Please give us a breather before you make the next release, I swear my butt has changed shape from being sat at PC screen!!!!!!!!!

Sanna - March 6th 2008

Hesslich - March 6th 2008 - Damn good Game! Makes your mood go up and down like a roller-coaster.

The Riddler - March 6th 2008 - "A little bit balder but done. Thank you all that posted in the forum. Your struggles helped me."

Jordon Norris - March 5th 2008 - Woot All Level, Jog on Charlie

BtrSwt - March 4th 2008 - Awesome game!! Can't wait for new levels!

Hyo Jeong - March 4th 2008

summer - March 3rd 2008 - thanks Clarence, I shall take your passwords to my grave.... :)

STEALTH - March 2nd 2008 - Thanks for the addicting game.

Marcus Larsson - March 3rd 2008 - I love this game =)

Shay - March 3rd 2008 - I enjoyed these new levels. :) I look forward to another batch of levels in the future whenever that may be. Thankfully it did not take me another 14 hours. In total I would say the last ten levels took me about 2 hours spread across the whole night as I am at work. Thanks again!

Megan [PINK] - March 2nd 2008

jeremy norton - March 2nd 2008

Ken the sprayman - March 2nd 2008 - this is a great game thanks clarence

jackfrost - March 1st 2008


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