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 Post subject: Level 200 winners
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:18 am 
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vgtre&brumsumse - April 24th 2009 - wir sind sooooo geil!

Forky - April 15th 2009 - Lately but nice again, w8ing for 1th May :D

FlameZ - April 11th 2009 - Excellent new levels, thanks a lot Clarence. Can't wait for 1st of May =)

Nausil - April 10th 2009 - Started late but happy to finish it.

Copernicus, The Bug Slayer - April 6th 2009

Audrey Samantha - March 27th 2009 - It wasn't so hard. I swear, it wasn't. Ok, it was, but just a little.

ankan - March 20th 2009 - Gislavedpower!

Mouse - March 19th 2009- Clarence, you are an evil genius. Thanks to those who helped & encouraged me, you know who you are and I heart you !

Nerdier - March 17th 2009 - Damnit sbofen, you win again.

Dennis - March 16th 2009 - Revelation 22,13: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end - and I slept with the mods to get the passwords.

SBOFEN - March 16th 2009 - Finally.. I can sleep now..

MisTer Pockets - March 8th 2009 - Alright, there, I beat it. Now all of you get off my back about it :)

Charli Murray - March 6th 2009

LIME(JAPAN) - March 2nd 2009 - Dear Clarence! Lv200 was so difficult for me! But 'Every failure is a stepping stone to success.' I'm so happy. Thank you!

Unknown Soldier - February 27th 2009 - I finally did it!!! Go me

Wolfe - February 20th 2009 - Great New Levels! In the future, I want to see more levels like 200 and less like 193 or 197.

Grekov Deniska - February 20th 2009 - I love this game and Kamensk-Uralsky! Waiting for continue.

Eric - February 19th 2009 - Yehay I win

0alex0 - February 17th 2009 - Jeejee I win.. xD! i love this game...! Thx For All

Blondie - February 12th, 2009 - Clarence, you take me to a higher level!!!

IvanYiu247 - February 10th, 2009

Row - February 9th, 2009 - Great game Clarence! I've finally beated it! Special thanks to my MMORPG online community for encouraging me to finish this game, specially to Hawk! :) Hawk, stop scammin' people, xD!

Todesengel - February 8th, 2009 - Waiting for the next 200 levels (and plz don't make level like 197 again xD)

Kidborlang - February 7th, 2009 - Yay! :D

seya - February 6th, 2009 - Oh no, I made it. What do I do now? Thanks for all the amusing and frustrating hours!!

Ardour - February 3rd, 2009 - I can't believe it's over! This game just gets better and better - thanks to everyone involved!

Pontaro(JPN) - January 30th 2009 - Finally made it! Level188 was novelty & amusing. Thank you, Clarence.

Bonny BP - January 14th 2009 - Your game rocks even more! Great job!

pushistaya16 - January 5th 2009 - From Russia with love! Ya za Mir vo vsem Mire!

GoGeR - January 5th 2009 - It's a GREAT GAME!!!! Thank you!!! My brain never forgive me :)))))) From Russia with love.... ;)

HARINEZUMI - December 25th 2008 - Level 200 reminded me of my first audio-tape computer "Enerprise". Thank you! Looking forward for new levels! And, by the way, Merry Christmas to everybody! =)

mikeyy - December 23rd 2008 - 200 was awesome, all levels should be like that!

Dustin (AP) - December 19th 2008 - I think 197 was the most frustrating level yet. Thanks to bella and chex for your support!!!!

bella - December 17th 2008 - I tried so hard and got so far...but only with the help of chex and summer!

izac - December 17th 2008 - [hidden]

chex - December 16th 2008 - Woohoo!! These last levels were a jabberwocky.

summer - August 12th 2008 - "I love this game"


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