Level 225 winners
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Author:  Clarence [ Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:18 am ]
Post subject:  Level 225 winners

Shay - October 6th 2009 - FINALLY!! And just in the nick of time. Much thanks to those who helped me through these levels. :) Another job well done, Clarence. <3 I still think you're a crazy smurf. ;P

Firedog - September 19th 2009 - I TOTALLY PWN THIS GAME

Lebossle - August 15th 2009 - BRAZIL EXISTS!!!

Mikeyy - August 3d 2009 - finallyy! Great new levels, very hard! Thanks to everyone for hints and support. :-)

Pc King At War - July 19th 2009 - i am teh pwnage jabberwocky

Derriel - July 17th 2009 - Thanks for a game! Great time-spending/brain-working! waiting for 250 levels!

harinezumi - July 17th 2009 - Cool, gimme more! =)

constant patient - June 22nd 2009 - Greatest game ive EVER played!!!

nerdier - June 17th 2009 - Best update yet!

sbofen - June 17th 2009 - wOOt!!! This game ROCKS!!

Angel Legend - June 17th 2009 - Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn. Cthlhu bless YOU, Clarence!

IAHM - June 17th 2009

Orvar - June 16th 2009 - I pity Clarence. He can't get to actually play his own game since he already knows all the answers, but I can and I just beat it :)

Blondie - June 16th 2009 - Yes Yes Yes - I'm there! Great game Clarence, thankyou and thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement, Chex, Ardour, Forky, bella, Mouse and US. Luv you all. x

Ardour - June 11th 2009 - "As the island of our knowledge grows, so do the shores of our ignorance." -- John A. Wheeler. Special thanks to Blondie and chex for support and encouragement.

Nausil - May 13th 2009 - You win, I win, and we all win... Nice levels with lots of new stuff. Enjoyed a lot

Mouse - May 12th 2009 - I heart you Clarence, please never stop confusing the hell out of me!! Again, couldn't have done it without help and support, many thanks - you know who you are :)

Forky - May 10th 2009 - YOU!!! Nice levels again ;) Was big fun and i enjoyed it:D Thx to all who gave hints too ;)

UnknownSoldier - May 8th 2009 - I won!!! First to beat it without the early release I hope! Loved the game by far some of the best and most creative levels I have seen. Hopefully you have many more to come. It's been an honor and pleasure playing Clarence!!!

bella - April 18th 2009 - Eat my shorts, chexy (You know I <3 you)

Chex - April 18th 2009 - "I beat bella"

summer - March 31st 2009 - WIN

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