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 Post subject: Level 100 winners
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:15 am 
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Scott Minervini - November 25th 2007 - I CAN'T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY BEAT THIS DAMN GAME

BBB (Bojthe-Beyer Barna) - November 21st 2007 - so we're in the hall of Fame.... Does it worth? ... ;-) I guess yes, but more levels are ... brrr ;-((

Jul'anna - November 21st 2007 - ...there went 4 hours of my life that i will never get back...

Mattfault - November 19th 2007 - thanks -- "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." --Bertold Auerbach / Life's journey isn't to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, all worn out, shouting: Holy shazam!...what a ride!

Joel Phipps - November 16th 2007

Alexander Forssell - November 16th 2007 - Who's the man, well me and over 100 more :S Well i did it and proude of it. Keep up the good work, want to se more levels.

Tomas Bratt - November 16th 2007 - It was hard and took me a lot of time (up all night) but i did it, I DID IT =) I went insane a couple of times but i made it !!

B - November 15th 2007 - I kick bottoms

Anthony T aka Smokez - November 13th 2007 - I hate you Julez. N yes I did this without a bathroom break! #2 Never felt sooo good!

Androne Daniel a.k.a Arx_X - November 13th 2007 - TKS FOR THE GREAT CHALLENGE ;)

Joey Zara - November 11th 2007 - It was worth my three hours to win this game

Adren Lau - November 11th 2007 - -- This has taken a long time, but it's worthwhile!

Maria - November 8th 2007

noji - November 8th 2007 - Remember, remember, the 8th of november! 2007!

Giuliani champion - November 7th 2007 - I finished this game!!!

Gazdac geniu - November 7th 2007 - I almost got insane playing this game but it was fun

Mini - November 7th 2007 - Yay, I made it!

Jeff Mills - November 6th 2007 -This was the most entertaining way not to work at work for a few days.

Maraam - November 6th 2007 - Thank you for this wonderful game :)

Sarah Flanagan - November 4th 2007 - I spent a good 4 hours of my life on this, but it was definately worth it! Hey, maybe now I can finish the Tim Tang Test! NOT.

Merrick Dowling - November 3rd 2007 - The Morbid Deviants - Only pissing the world off half as much as this game.

Matt Peskett - November 4th 2007

Jason B. - November 3rd 2007 - I hate you for making this game :-) but it was as fun as it was stressfull! looking forward to more levels!!

Ewan Manny - November 3rd 2007 - Brain has now melted

Liam the Llama - November 3rd 2007 - This game makes my brain bleed...

Wild_Honeypie - November 3rd 2007 - Now I can't sleep!

Dominik H. - November 3rd 2007 - - Thanks for this awesome game, I really enjoyed it =)

shoemakajakerturns ^^ - November 2nd 2007

Michael Newton - November 2nd 2007 - Thank you for this fun game/ hard I must credit ya.

Luke Warland - November 2nd 2007 - hardest game I have ever played

SteveStyleFM - November 2nd 2007 - Hooray! I was really bored today, and this game was awesome, thanks!

Spud of Doom (New Zealand) - November 2nd 2007 - -That was just ridiculous. Just goes to show you how little of a life I have.

Chris Rooney - November 1st 2007

Matt O'Mara - October 31th 2007 - Thanks for wasting my life...

Infinite - October 30th 2007

Tristan Gowler - October 30th 2007

Randy Bruckman - October 30th 2007 - -Nice game. Really tested the mind.

Full Metal Alchemist of FoxGamer Shop - October 29th 2007 - - Hello my fellow FoxGamer Shop members!!!

F1R3 & Reset & Tenken - October 29th 2007 - This was so hard!!! But we beat it! It took all night.

TigerboltXp - October 29th 2007 - -Ha! You people said the power of pie would never triumph!

b33r a.k.a Paul Jones - October 28th 2007 - --Well that was a waste of a Sunday! lol, but thanks very much, look forward to more levels!

Chris Boyd - October 28th 2007 - --This took me a while to do. Damn your awesomeness of making this.

Danny Carrera - October 28th 2007 - Finally. It's 4:08 am, and I started this hours ago. NOW WHERES MY PRIZE!? This damn game pissed me off so much!! Good job great game ;)

Christopher B AKA Sepheroth2490 - October 28th 2007 - very nice game By the way...sum parts were frustrating as hell and others were a breeze... i saw it as a good use of like...3-5 you for all your hard work in creating your neverending game...

Buublee Chunkyfunk - October 28th 2007 - Took me a while but I did it. This was an AWESOME GAME TOO.

Zman71991 - October 28th 2007 - -thank you for helping me kill many hours

Who is Scorpion - October 28th 2007 - Game was so fun!

Fail - October 27th 2007 - Nice little game. Thanks.

Radley Coplan - October 27th 2007 - -This game was definitely a formidable opponent!

Stephen Murphy & Nathan Tripathy - October 27th 2007 - I would compare your game to the Holocaust.

Andy T. - October 27th 2007 - lol, 69

LilZero & Unreal - October 27th 2007 - Your puzzles were very hard. Took unreal and I eight hours to complete this whole thing.

TMola - October 27th 2007 - Awesome game, by the way, it reminded me of a game I loved called Hoshi Saga.

Tyler Smith - Tyrannus4842 - October 27th 2007 - Thanks for the awesome game mate, if you can, make another game that goes past 100 I would greatly appreciate it, these are fun and mind boggling, but it was fun :)

A bunch of 9th graders - October 27th 2007 - -We completed this faster then you! :P

Ray Spataro - October 27th 2007 - This game was damn hard but I finally beat it!

George A. Pappas - October 27th 2007 - From Athens, Greece Team Leader of the 99th Platoon What a Lovely, frustrating waste of time that was. Peace out.

Wolf Akela - October 27th 2007 - -- This was INSANE, but *finally* I beat it. Now I should get something to eat. I'm hungry, :c Me = dongdong = Shadow Edge = King Scar

Jessica and Sarah. B - October 10th 2007 - Would just like to congratulate you on the creation of the game. It is amazing and would of taken alot of time and effort to make. It is quite addictive and challenging. THANKS

Mathieu Roy - October 4th 2007 - This game is awesome. Go check for more awesome games.

Rhys Hayward - September 30th 2007 - TAWONK!

Nick Phillips - September 28th 2007

Billy "pheonix" - September 18th 2007

Fat Hippy Monkey - September 17th 2007 - I like nob Cheezy Wheezy

Watty - September 16th 2007 - That was fun and a bit silly everybody loves llama's

Chris Peacock - August 29th 2007 - w00t!

Buretsu - August 21st 2007 - Dear Clarence: It was a pain in the bottom, but I beat it!

Noxus_prime - August 18th 2007

The Gnome (Joshua Wills) - August 10th 2007 - That was so easy. Good work Clarence was soo addictive

Noo Monkey - August 9th 2007 - My God this took forever, almost 6 hours, and what do I win? Nothing really... oh teh wells.

Alibaba (Alex) - July 14th 2007 - Well that was sad, I actually beat all 100 levels ..... ;)

Gary Kendall - July 7th 2007 - That was fun.

Kaytlyn LeBlanc - June 25th 2007 - 'Cause who needs a soul, anyway?

Ryan LeBlanc - June 24th 2007 - -It hurts in ways I didn't even know were possible! - Cheers

Alex Wood - June 18th 2007 - Great game mate very addictive I finally did it yeeewww Cheers Jordan grey 4 a few Hints make sum more levels - Cheers

Evan Zimmerman - June 6th 2007 - WOW this was HARD!!! I have spent DAYS on this!!! PHEW!!

Apocalyptic Geist - May 26th 2007 - ~ Oh thank God i finally beat this game, that was a tough group of puzzles. Good job on making such a great game!

The Jew - May 25th 2007

Hank Smith - May 24th 2007 - Screw you Davis, Screw you Clarence, and especially Screw you Parke

Davis Bentley - May 24th 2007 - Well Hank looks like I beat you.

Callan Hoffman - May 23rd 2007 -Always trill

Nick Ferris - May 22nd 2007 - -Witty phrase goes here

Yurhiness - May 22nd 2007 - "Patience is a virtue....I'm not very virtuous"

Cyber34 - May 22nd 2007 - All too easy.

HPriddle - May 22nd 2007

Kyle T. - May 22nd 2007 - I almost killed myself and my computer in the process of completing this.

Dmardan - May 22nd 2007 - I hate this (beep)ing game!

Reacher - May 21st 2007 - This game rocked! Need more levels ASAP!!

56Bagels - May 15th 2007 - Haha, I loved this game, pissed the hell out of me but it was so satisfying getting it all done. Thanks for the hint pages, I promise I didn't look up a SINGLE answer anywheres else!

Andrew Mitchell - May 8th 2007 - wahoo!!!

Matt & Leigh - May 7th 2007

PapaMambo AKA Ken Oberlin - May 7th 2007 - YAY!! Finally I beat this freaking game!! Congrats on this mindbending, time wasting completely addictive game.

Nathan Herrell - May 7th 2007 - HA HA HA!!! I WIN!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Fawcett - May 5th 2007 - - w00t I completed it! =)

Jeremy Hughes (Beanie Dude) - May 5th 2007 - Gah....I hate that level 99..... I DID IT!!!!!

Greg Miller - April 30th 2007 - Wow that took forever!! Time to make the game go beyond 100!

Elliott Purdie - April 16th 2007

Jordan Grey - April 13th 2007 - Finally I finished. It was very stressfull and at some points down right annoying. Great game though. Thanks a lot.

Matt Macomber - April 8th 2007 - This game screwed with me for 5 days!!!

Randy Johnson - April 5th 2007 - Oh so glad to be done

Marc Macdonald - April 5th 2007 - Woo take that Raiden, entertaining game wastes hours

RaidenKazama - April 5th 2007 - A great game to make you mentally insane.

Josh Moore - April 4th 2007 - Clarence, I did this at work for 2 days, so guess I got paid to do it. Thanks bro.

Chris Weibelt - April 3rd 2007 - I was really, really bored at work today. It was a great waste of a few hours.

Schleppo - April 3rd 2007 - What a long, horrendous, headache-inducing, click-finger-numbing game.... It was fun!

Marinov Ivan - April 3rd 2007 - This is too easy :)) but nice game...

Matt Godman - March 26th 2007 - This game was s much fun, but I must admit I was very frustrated at times.

Jon Perry - March 22nd 2007 - -My brain now feels like a pile of mush.

Lindsay Cole - March 22nd 2007 - I (beep)ing hate you Clarence. --Love, Lindsay Cole

Kara Strochnetter - March 20th 2007 - n/a

Abhorsen - March 16th 2007 - You're a hard task master but I made it through! My job has suffered for it...

Hannah Lawrence - March 16th 2007 - Great for when you're bored at work!

Craze - March 10th 2007 - It was a jabberwocky and took me hours, but I did it. <a href=""></a>

Shane Powell AKA DarkRedFlame - March 10th 2007 - Never give up, instead just think stupid thoughts if you ever get stuck. P.S. - This game might be hard, but do your best and use a lot of resources.

Dominique Shushu - March 3rd 2007 - n/a

Kat "Ame no Hinoiri" Sodroski - March 2nd 2007 - Oh-em-gee, this was both one of the most fun and one of the most frustrating games I've ever played. But I won. In your faces, people who haven't won yet!

Scott Vivian - March 2nd 2007 - Wow, what a way to waste hours of my time!

Christopher Eaton - March 2nd 2007 - I won, Took a while, but yay.

Ben Schultz - March 2nd 2007 - Es Miercoles!

Amber Rodrigues - March 1st 2007 - Game is about 50 billion times harder (and headache inducing) when sick, but still damn fun.

MikeTSH - March 1st 2007 - n/a

Dedick - March 1st 2007 - I finally beat this game took me foreva but i beat it. W00t :P

William K - March 1st 2007 - I can breathe easy now. You'd better not make more levels, or I'll freak! Thanks for the 1 1/2 fun nights!

Chris Chen - March 1st 2007 - n/a

Joonas Paavola - March 1st 2007 - -Took me 4-5 hours to finish, it was a nice waste of time tho =) Thanks

Adam Ravenscroft - March 1st 2007 - I wasted way too much of my life on this...

Ville Savijärvi - March 1st 2007 - Pretty hard stuff, but great game! Finally I did it!

Brandon Reynolds aka Burningmaphone - March 1st 2007 - Representing No Homer's Club Forums

Dion Anderson - February 28th 2007 - -Owned In The Poonie!! (now it's time for bed)

Adam Smith - February 28th 2007 - Pouring one out for my homies.

Nick Terris &amp; Nicole DiGregorio - February 27th 2007 - Wow This Took A Few Hours But Me and Nicole Pulled It Off ...P.s.. Nicole I Love You Soo Much =)

David Leader - February 27th 2007 - OH NOES! Now my real name is on teh internets!

Jonathan King - February 27th 2007 - n/a


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